Friday, December 17, 2010

Cocktail hour

Working on Credence in the Kettering harbour is fun. The new marina is a big step up on the old one, despite it's charm. No more wondering what the tide. You can step straight on. Perfect for that impulsive invitation for a sail on Credence. No more worrying that your friends will lose their glasses in the leap on to the boat. Just step right up. Much less stress. We can concentrate on the departure from the jetty. It was perfect. The motor was purring. The friends were relaxed. They didn't throw the rope in and get it tangled in the rudder. What a relief! We are off and sailing towards Bruny island. Well, not sailing, motoring..........We can leave the sailing for another day. Out in the middle of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel we see the seals playing in the water. We motor up quietly and fairly close. What a magnificent sight!

We hurry back into the marina so we can all meet back at Wavestation for cocktails. Our friends are amazed! What a wonderful place. Step out onto the veranda and enjoy the view. Boats sail by. Boats  motor by pulling the salmon farms behind.  After a glass of   savingyon blanc we head for Peppermint Bay Hotel for dinner. Must be there before 8pm as the kitchen will close. No wedding tonight so we can dine down in the low area and watch the ferry arrive. The big oaks are lit up in the evening light, the expansive lawns are dotted with children playing. Their parents watching.

Next day we head for Cygnet and lunch at the Red Velvet Lounge.

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