Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Heading down the Channel Highway we stopped at Ketterring to see how the restoration of Credence was progressing. The marina has wonderful modern jetties so it's easy to jump on board. Low tide no longer matters as the marina floats with the rise and fall of the tide. The paint brush and other equipment is sitting there as if someone has gone for a moment. A quick phone call finds the restorer up in Hobart at the Festival. Who can resist! He'll be back soon to continue the job, but things are progressing well. We have to keep the weather out!
Approaching Middleton we decide to turn off The Channel Highway at The Esplanade to see if the road is open. To our surprise we could drive straight through and along the water's edge to Wavestation. it's a quiet road and perfect for walks.

This road has been closed for over a year as a result of a landslide. The latest engineering techniques to stablize the bank are attractive. If you are interested take a look at the photos.

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