Saturday, December 3, 2011


Back from our photography shoot at Apollo Bay. Derek Swalwell came down with Trent loaded with boxes of photography equipment. We had arrived the day before to make a few last minute adjustments, making sure the beds were right and moving the extra books out of the way. Sorting the bookcase is always a slow task as it's hard to dust the pages without reading the interesting bits. It was raining when we arrived but we hoped for the best. We wanted some sun in the sky.

Next day began with beautiful sunshine pouring into the kitchen. It was a glorious day. Quite warm and our wide eaves provided welcome protection. It was not until the afternoon when the sun moved towards the west when the best opportunities arose. The photographers moved with the sun capturing the mood of the house. To the north magnificent views of the Otway hills, dotted with cows and sheep and in the south the crashing waves of the ocean. We waited to see the kites and the surfers acrest of the waves.

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