Sunday, May 24, 2015


It has been some time since I posted an article on my VISITWAVESTATION Blog. Not quite sure why but I have just signed up for an e_course on social media and blogging to increase sales. Not even sure if this is relevant to me as most of my clients don't seem to be the type to have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

I signed up with Tourismeschool after a few free sessions they were running associated with Tourism Tasmania. 
You can see that I have a few things to learn. Firstly, I am not sure why the font has suddenly become small. So small that most of you probably are squinting, finding it hard to read.

Rebecca and Paige posted their mobile numbers on the net and encouraged the participants to ring if they were having any problems. 

Rbeecca suggested I join their Facebook page and post any questions I have. I have many of them but I think it is best to do what I can and follow the E_course. 
The first task is to identify my Ideal Customer. How can I do that? I can go over the bookings and work out where my customers come from and what are their characteristics. Generally, the people come from outside the state of Tasmania. It is best to stay for three days so the people should be those that want to settle for a few days. To stay one night is not to fully experience the lovely ambience of the house. It is lovely to spend time at the house during the day. We saw this tree at the beginning of Autumn when the leaves were just starting to turn. The large oak at the front of the house was still covered in leaves. 

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