Monday, January 10, 2011

Eclectic array of animals and birds

Separated from the mainland of Australia Tasmania bursts with a wide range of animals and birds. There are 12 endemic birds in Tasmania. All have been seen at Inverawe Native Gardens at Margate. The Rare Masked Owl was spotted recently. Keen bird watchers will be keen to visit. Have a look when you buy your seafood at the caravan at the Margate train.

Or, just sit on the veranda at Wavestation preferably with your binoculars and you will be surprised what you will see.

We are looking out for the critically endangered Orange-Bellied Parrot.
Animals to look out for: 3 carnivorous marsupials, the Tasmanian devil, Easern and Spotted-tail Quoll.
See how many of these you sight:
Common coastal Bennett's Red Necked Wallaby
Rufus-bellied Pademelon
Common Brush-Tail Hidden Possum
Rare Albino Bennet's wallaby
Also, the Southern Right Whale (off Bruny Island)
Birds including Little penguins on the Ismuthus of Bruny Islan Forty Spotted Pardalote

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