Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quarantine Bay

Leaving Hobart behind as Wild Oats has already left Constitution Dock after its win in the Sydney to Hobart race. She came in before dusk and had left in the morning. Not many were lucky enough to see her. I thought she was upset about the protest but others said she had another race to start.

Kettering marina was buzzing with people, some hard at their finishing touches to their boats, others had travelled from places like Canberra pulling their boat behind and traversing the Bass Strait by ferry to arrive in the wonderful harbour at Kettering to meet up with long lost relations.

We arrived at Quarantine Bay realizing that everyone had a dingy with petite outboard to motor in to shore for the New Year festivities.We were lucky to catch a ride with a sailor who parked his two gorgeous border collies on board his boat making room for us to be taken ashore. What kindness and he wasn't even going to the barbecue!

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