Saturday, April 21, 2012


A few days without committments in Melbourne allowed us to book a flight to Hobart to seek out the Autumn delights in Tasmania. Arriving in Hobart on a Sunday morning we immediately head for Constitution dock to check out the latest offerrings in the sailing boat market. There was a huon pine double ender made for a couple for long distance cruising. There was a long range fuel tank and a lot of water stored. We met a fellow called Mike Deck, a boat dweller with two young boys who they "home school". Not a simple task and a year long committment is required and a comprehensive curriculumn drawn up. The boat was Erik and his website reports conditions on the waves and contained the sad news of the skipper who was washed overboard resetting the anchor. I am looking forward to reading Larissa's children's stories to be published soon.

We pulled out our copy of The Hon Peter Heerey AM QC, retired Federal Court judge "Guide to Hobart for innocent Mainlanders". He recommended "Me Hah" in Sandy Bay as a more humble but good value restaurant. So we head there to check it out. We think it's a little bit of Heerey humour as the place was booked out and looked a million dollars. We settled for a truely humble alternative on Sandy Bay Road, "Written on Tea". This was authentic Chinese food, simply prepared and a very modest establishment. One couple walked out but the others patrons seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Prossers on the waterfront was closed on the Sunday.

Having read the recent article by Holly Kerr Forsythe in "The Australian" the boys dropped me off at the old "Women's Prison" in South Hobart in Degraves Street, not far from Cascade Brewery and Gardens. There is a lovely perennial garden with a range of hostas. The museum has a well organized tour.

 Colonial houses in Hobart
 Women's prison South Hobart

 Modern wall
 Fall of leaves at Cascade Gardens
We bought our fish at the "Fish Man" on the wharf at Constitution Dock and enjoyed Steves' expert cooking. A simple batter of flour and egg for the King Fish and layered on baked potato for the salmon. Delicious!

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