Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Garagists, Ethos and Stackings

Garagists and Ethos are some of the fine restaurants in Hobart. 
There are others and the number is growing. Hobart may become the eating capital of Australia.

My friend sent me a link to an article about the growing number of restaurants in Hobart. Try Me Wah Restaurant in Sandy Bay.

Take time to see the gardens in Hobart. You will be anazed at the magnificent sight of the leaves turning from green to yellow to brown and dropping in swathes on the ground. Take your time driving down to Wavestation and visit a few places on your way. Look out for the Hobart Botanic Gardens. Approaching Hobart from the airport and driving over the bridge the Gardens are on your right. There is an excellent display vegetable garden and a very special Japanese garden.

Out of Hobart and along the Channel Highway  Peppermint Bay Hotel in Woodbridge has an excellent restaurant called Stackings Woodbridge is forty minutes from Hobart and 15 minutes from Wavestation (at Middleton).Another wonderful place to visit is the handweaving studio, up the hill from the turnoff next to the Woodbridge store.

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