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BEFORE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Middleton Light”

Address: 180 Esplanade Rd
Middleton TAS 7163

Before you go............................

It is a gorgeous spot and the house is lovely to live in. The beach is very close with children's play equipment.

There are plenty of fish also scallops and oysters.  You could hire a small boat from Kettering or take a charter trip. There is a boat ramp on The Esplanade.

Bruny Island is easily accessed from Kettering where there is an attractive boat harbour. The Huon trail is south and Cockle Creek further south again. Cockle Creek is the southern most point in Australia. It's a few hours but a very pleasant drive.


Pick up your copy of the Huontrail Free touring Map and Guide at the airport. It is very useful and available at the airport in the free brochure section. The  Huon-Valley News map is taken from this Guide.

At Hobart airport head for the centre of Hobart. You will pass over the bridge and along Davey Street. Continue along the A5 until you get to the Kingston turnoff. Do not go into Kingston, keep in the right lane and head towards Margate/Huonville. Follow the Channel Highway. Further on there is a roundabout, go straight ahead towards Margate and look out for a sign on the left to the Woolworths supermarket and shopping centre (just past Kingston). It is a good idea to provision the house here. Look out for wildlife on the highway.

Continue along the Channel Highway to Middleton. Turn left at the Middleton store down Beach Road and turn right at The Esplanade. There is a boat ramp on the shore. Continue south along The Esplanade, past the playground and up the second driveway. You will recognize the house from the website. Have a look at the two maps sent by email.

Collect some provisions along the highway before you get to the house.  You can shop in Hobart (maybe visit the Hill Street grocer, it is well worth a visit) or on the way down to Middleton. If you are arriving in Tasmania at night the Woolworths shopping centre complex at Kingston is excellent. It has a supermarket and other specialist shops. You will pass through other little towns with shops including Margate and Snug.

Stop at the Margate Train where there is an antique shop and other rather quirky shops and a caravan is set up outside with fresh fish. You can buy very good fish and Cloudy Bay oysters here at the Seafood Caravan.

Our guests love stopping at The Olde Oyster Cove Store. It is on the right heading towards Middleton at Oyster Cove. It has fruit and vegetables, organic meat and yogurt and cheeses.

The Snug butcher has excellent meat and fish. 

You can walk to the local shop at Middleton. It has a good selection of provisions. The Post Office is on the other side of Beach road on the
Channel Highway

Visit the marina at Kettering. It is a busy boating harbour with boat repairs carried out and boats coming and going on trips down the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, up to Hobart or around Bruny Island.

The ferry to Bruny Island leaves from Kettering and there are great boating charters out of this marina which take you to the wild outer side of Bruny Island.

The renovations at Kettering are almost complete. The old jetties were delightful but were in a bad state of repair so are being replaced with floating sections.

Alison Brookes lives nearby and will have made the house ready for you. Local and emergency calls can be dialled. (Please deposit cost of call (30c) in the jar provided). For STD and other calls please purchase a phone card available at newsagents etc.

Wavestation is located on the water front off the Channel Highway at Middleton. You can now access it through The Esplanade turnoff as well as Beach Road. (A landslip blocked the road  but  modern roadworks engineering  have stabilized the bank). The Esplanade turnoff is before Middleton and the Beach Road turnoff is at the centre of the village. The local shop and the post office are at this turn off.

Places to go.
Walk to the local shop
Peppermint Bay Hotel and Restaurant
Home Hill Vineyard and Restaurant
Panorama Vineyard
Snug Falls
Kettering Kayaking
Bruny Island

Salamanca Place
in Hobart

Hill Street
Grocer in North Hobart
Do the circuit - Middleton to Woodbridge (or Kettering) to Cygnet and back along the coast road through Deep Bay Garden Island

Creek Verona Sands Gordon and back to Middleton. See the apple and cherry orchards on the way.
Pelverata Falls near Cygnet.

For more information go to the website  and click on BLOG to follow my blog.

Have a great time
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Phil 0408997482

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