Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A Happy customer at Wavestation sent a message.
"Thank you for allowing us to stay at Middleton. A beautiful place and delightful house.
Charlie and I managed to attack the local flathead population and then enjoyed eating those of legal size ( Vic 25 cms, Tassie 30 cms).
I think there are plenty left for you. The word "fisherman" and my name are rarely used in the same sentence.
I like the fact that it is so shallow in front of your place that the water Police will be troubled getting their boat in the check for non existent
fishing licences or other breaches of regulations!!

We enjoyed many hours enjoying the "tranquillity" reading and checking the view. A real holiday.
The local cafes and restaurants were superb. We had a couple of very nice meals at the Red Velvet Cafe (???) in Cygnet
and the cake shop there was very special.

Thank you (and Wendy) again for a very restful holiday.

Kind regards,

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