Monday, April 11, 2011


I have been looking at a few blogs lately and have become addicted to a few. Table Tonic is one, and I think I might get some of those Moorocan wedding blankets. ZigoZago is another and I would like some of her wool. I would put in a link but not quite sure how. Maybe I will do that later to make this blog a bit more interesting.It is very time consuming and it is amazing how much information the writers give about themselves.
Last week I went to a talk by Rita Erlich who is a well known figure and author of a number of books including "More Than French" written in collaboration with Philippe Moucel. He is the renowned chef of PM24. Rita pointed out that in the early days of her career she was pulled up by the editor of her newspaper at the time for using the "I" word. Journalists were never allowed to speak about themselves, never to write in the first person. Now, every one does it and gives all sorts of personal information away. I am writing this blog about Tasmania and in particular things which may interest people who stay at Wavestation.
For those of you who do not know I live in Melbourne and have a wonderful lady called Alison who looks after the house for me. It has been pouring all night here in Melbourne and I am about to go for a visit at Bishop's Court. I intended to walk but I will get soaked. I left my best rain coat and all my umbrellas in my car at Apollo Bay as I came back to Melbourne on the bus and the train. It was such a beautiful day yesterday (after a heavy shower in the early morning)  that I didn't think I would need rain gear. I did. T. cancelled our early morning walk so I am still at this computer thinking about the rain and wondering if the tour will be on and whether I should walk. Parking in East Melbourne is difficult and I don't want to leave early as we are going to be invited into the manse. Should be very interesting and I don't want to miss out on any of the tour. I better grab my camera and check the battery and maybe I can post a photo or two about this wonderful garden in the rain.

There, I said I would post a picture. The manificent Bishop's Court!

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